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Heidi is a director (lol) with film, television, and commercial experience.  She makes great third impressions.  

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, her first few years in New York were primarily spent in post departments, editing commercials and music related content--videos as well as live shows.

In 2011, Heidi decided to sell out for the rest of her twenties and began work in unscripted television.  She's since somehow served as EP on shows looped endlessly in homes across America and loved in the way that music is appreciated in elevators.


Heidi is a member of the Producers Guild of America and is still reconciling the number of times she's called herself a producer instead of a director in therapy.  And while she would prefer to never [produce], she is unfortunately rather good at it.  Probably because of her parents' failed marriage and her own generalized anxiety disorder.  

When not working, she can be found entertaining herself with one of her other loves: yoga, Spotify playlists (this used to say "records," but she's trying to be more honest these days), green tea, photography, or her dog--June Carter Cash Money, a nine pound* rescue from the Bronx and possibly the only thing that really matters.  She still uses two spaces after periods but is no longer defensive about the matter.  Some day, she plans to write more than bios and interview pick ups.

*June now fluctuates between 11 and 13.7 lbs depending on the season and Heidi's recent communication with vet/guilt levels. 

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