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HHFBV 2018

HHFBV 2018

Updates from Captain Vacation (Ed, obviously)


Time to get serious.

Anyone who sits in a lump on the couch during clean up who did not cook will be loudly mocked, as public humiliation is a foundational value of the Admin.

Bring your own beach towels, children.  Much like the Trump Administration, everything upon which this organization (JMACWBT) was based as recently as yesterday is no more.

Keep the pool clean and rent your own damn bike!


We have 10 yes responses.  And we are keeping 6 Seaside Sparrow, so there will be room for last minute additions.  BUT WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


As of today, we have 9 yes responses.  And "t-shirt color selection is not a democratic process."  (editor's note: But if it were, it would currently be a tie between dusty rose and tie dye.)

Quick Reference


August 18 - 27



6 Seaside Sparrow Rd

Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

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